People I know on the internet

If you're a friend of mine and you'd like help starting a webpage, or your page isn't on this list, let me know.

My dad has an outdoors page detailing all of his experiences in the wild. Some of the photos you'll see there are the same ones you'll see in my photo sets, oddly enough.

My mom has started a recording studio in her home (it's a beautiful place, too). You can find details about their equipment/rates/customers etc. on their website:

Tristan Ravitch is a graduate student at UW that I became good friends with.

Aditya Thakur is another one of my close friends from graduate school, who is now at

Victoria Thomas is an accountant in the Madison area.

Valerie Merchant is a newly minted graphic designer.

Dave Plonka hosted me when I came to UW-Madison to visit for the prospective graduate student weekend. We hit it off and he has been a good friend of mine since I moved to Madison.

Cindy Rubio-González is a professor at UC-Davis who I met while in graduate school.


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